An Overview of Southeast Florida Outfall Experiment II

Vacuum Recovery of Free Phased Leaded Gasoline Plume: Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Back from the Brink
The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States, has been moved to prevent it from toppling into the sea as a result of coastal erosion. Engineers from...

Fuzzy Rule-Based Forecasting of Extreme Rainfall Probability Conditioned on Sea Surface Temperature
(No paper) The recent El Nino event demonstrated the importance of sea-surface temperature on rainfall anomalies. The purpose of this paper is to develop a methodology to forecast extreme...

Abandoned Reclamations as Analogues for Sea Defence Re-Alignment

The First Two Platforms with Suction Pile Foundations Subjected to Sea Ice Forces in the Bohai Sea

Development of a Marsh-Based Upwelling Injection System to Treat Domestic Wastewater from Coastal Dwellings

Sand Transport Through and Around the Main Breakwater at East London

Oil Spill Detection in the Norwegian Sea Using Spaceborne Synthetic Apeture Radar (SAR) Imagery

Practical Approaches in Offshore Engineering

Cold Regions Engineering
Putting Research into Practice
This proceedings, Cold Regions Engineering: Putting Research into Practice, is a compilation of the technical papers presented at the Tenth...

What Happens at the Seabed off a Headland during a Tropical Cyclone

Patterns in the Water: Patterns in the Sand?

Suspended Sediment Response to Wave Reflection

A Conceptual Model for Barrier Coasts Behavior at Decadal Scale: Application to the Trabucador Bar

Hazardous Harbor Seiches, Tides, Wind and Baroclinicity

Statistics for Wave Crests in Heavy Seas

Use of Embedded Expert Systems in Wave Gages

Parametric Modeling of Storm Wave Fields Over the Irish Sea, 1955-1993

Eight Years Wave Hindcast at the Coastal Area of the East China Sea and Estimation of Wave Climate





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