Amino Acid Geochronology Applied to the Dating of Eolianites on San Salvador Island, Bahamas
Using amino acid racemization data measured on carbonate eolianite sediments, we assess the ability of amino acid geochronology to distringuish among several stratigraphic units on San...

Rhythm of Beachrock Levels in Contrasting Plate Settings: Rifting Red Sea and North American-Caribbean Plates
Sequences of beachrocks have been compared from the northern Red Sea, the North American plate (north shore of Puerto Rico), and an island of the Caribbean plate. In all these areas the...

Surface and Deep Vibratory Compaction of Sand

Case History of Ground Improvement for Construction and Hydrotesting of a Large LNG Tank in Puerto Rico

Sinking a Sewer Line
The design and construction of a sanitary sewer siphon using high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe in San Juan, Puerto Rico, provided Black & Veatch with a challenging opportunity...

Studies for Groin Design and Dredging of Guanabo River's Inlet: Playas Del Este, Havana City, Cuba

For the Duration
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers developed a new grouting method called duration grouting when constructing the foundations for the Portugues Dam in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The site is marked...

Influence of Subsurface Details on Braced Excavations in Puerto Rico

Environmental Systems Rehab in Deschapelles, Haiti

A Community-Managed Water and Sanitation Utility for the Urban Poor: Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Assessment of Liquefaction Potential of Western Puerto Rico

Seismic Design of Puerto Rico's North Coast Superaqueduct

Stability Analysis of Slopes in Western Puerto Rico: A GIS Approach

Micropile Application for Seismic Retrofit Preserves Historic Structure in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hydrodynamic Model and Sensitivity Analysis for San Juan Bay, P. R.

The Role of Circulation Patterns on the Simulation of Constituent Transport in San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico

Sediment Impacts on Yield from a Two-Reservoir System in Puerto Rico
The Dos Bocas and Caonillas reservoirs in Puerto Rico are being considered for conversion from hydroelectric to water supply operation. Both reservoirs are approximately 50 years old and...

Cost-Performance Criteria for Seismic Retrofitting

Ocho Rios Cruise Ship Port Expansion, Jamaica

San Juan Harbor Navigation Channel Design





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