The Use of Activated Carbon as a Polishing Step for Treatment of Industrial Plating Wastewaters
An activated carbon adsorption process was utilized as a polishing step following the precipitation (hydroxide or sulfide) process. Zinc and cadmium were the metals studied. Since plating...

Predicting Carbon Adsorption of Organics from Humid Air
Increased levels of humidity resulted in reduced adsorption capacity for trichloroethylene (TCE) at low influent concentrations on a microporous activated carbon. Water vapor also reduced...

Design of a GAC Water Treatment System for Radon
The author describes the design of a granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment system for the removal of radon from a public water supply....

Sea Level Rise and Wetland Loss
Increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide and other gases are expected to raise global temperatures several degrees in the next century. Such a global warming could raise sea level a...

The Evolution of a Technology

Adsorption Equilibrium: DOC Isotherms and Preozonation

Predicting the Removal of Known Organic Compounds in Unknown Mixtures and Total Halogan in Fixed-Bed Adsorbers

Adsorbtion and Biodegradation in Activated Carbon Filters Treating Pre-ozonated Humic Acid

Influence of Adsorbtion on Biofilm Development

Characterization of Adsorbtion Affinity of Solutions

Size Effects in Adsorption of Macromolecular Organic Matter

Research for the Treatment of Organics in Drinking Water

Comparison of Carbon Adsorption Technologies in the Treatment of a Synfuels Wastewater

The Effect of Low Level Alkalinity on Nitrification Rate

Geology and Soil Properties of Winnipeg

Containment of a Natural Hydrocarbon Seep in Santa Barbara Channel

Climate Trends Due to Increasing Greenhouse Gases

Microbial Activity in Activated Carbon Filters
To obtain information on the adsorption, bacteriological oxidation and desorption processes in filters, the oxygen consumption (ΔO2) and the removal...

Role of Surface Active Media in Anaerobic Filters
Equal-sized activated carbon and anthracite coal were compared when used as packing media in completely mixed anaerobic filters. Synthetic glucose and phenol bearing solutions and a diluted...

Mean of Autocorrelated Air Quality Measurements
The high degree of autocorrelation present among the observations in a continuous record of air quality has significant implications with respect to the estimation of the mean value of...





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