Muscle Made of Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) extends service life and increases load-bearing capacity when applied to concrete structures. CFRP is less expensive than traditional strengthening...

Emissions Impacts of Utilizing Vehicle Class Distributions by Mode for TDM Analysis

The Rogue Valley, Oregon Air Quality Planning Experience

Activated Carbon Treatment of s-Triazines and their Metabolites

Reduction of Bromate by Granular Activated Carbon

Powdered Activated Carbon Adsorption of MIB in a Lime Softening Treatment Plant

A New Approach to Intersection Modeling—Flint

Air Pollution at the Urban, Regional and Continental Scales

Advanced Composites in Pedestrian Bridge Design

Impact Response of Concrete Beams Externally Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Finite Element Modeling of Concrete Bridge System Prestressed with Carbon Fiber Composite Cables

Sinking of a CO2-Enriched Ocean Gravity Current

Dynamic Optimal Groundwater Remediation by Granular Activated Carbon
Objective functions to describe the operating and capital costs of GAC treatment are incorporated into a control theory model for optimal pump-and-treat groundwater remediation design....

Removal of Arsenic From Ground Water Using Granular Activated Carbon
Batch adsorption isotherm studies found that activated carbon (Hydrodarco, 14 X 40 mesh, American Norit) had removals of arsenic as high as 94% for a GAC dosage of 100 g/L and an initial...

Vapor Phase Biofiltration for Removal of VOCs
The selection of an appropriate packing material for the biofiltration process is an important factor in the removal of contaminants from vapor phase. This study evaluates two different...

Specification of Cu, Pb and Cr in Contaminated Sediment Effected by pH
Sediment was sampled from a contaminated river. Sequential extraction was applied to determine the speciations of Cu, Pb, and Cr in the sediment with varied pH (5–9), and the redox potential...

Climate Change: What the North American Water Engineer Should Know
Long-range forecasts of future global warming have been made based on the increase in carbon dioxide and trace gases in the air from human activities. Potential changes which would especially...

Forcing Function and Climate Change
A system framework for investigating the effect of climate change in the upper Rio-Grande river basin, New Mexico, is developed. The forcing function or input into a climate change model...

Microbiological Influenced Corrosion (MIC) of Carbon Steel Utilized in the Construction of Nuclear Waste Canisters

Simulating DBP Precursor Transport in Sacramento Delta
Fate and movement of disinfection by-product organic precursors in California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta was simulated for a 365-thy period with a hydrodynamics and transport...





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