Development of a Gas-Liquid Reaction Injection System

Diffusion of Carbon Dioxide and Iodine Through Yucca Mountain Tuffs—Effects of Temperature and Moisture Content

Characterization of the Topopah Spring and Tiva Canyon Tuffs at Yucca Mountain

Geochemical Model for ¹4C Transport in Unsaturated Rock

Flexural and Shear Studies of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Beams
This paper presents the results of laboratory test on beams reinforced with three dimensional continuous carbon fiber grid. The grid is prefabricated by three-dimensional weaving and epoxy...

Keynote Presentation

Roundtable Discussion Sessions

Intersection Air Quality Analysis
Methods of carbon monoxide concentration estimation at or near intersections have recently undergone scrutiny with resulting debate on the proper and accurate ways to make these estimates...

The Effectiveness of Telecommuting as a Transportation Control Measure
This paper examines the potential of telecommuting as a strategy for managing travel demand. In particular, the paper focuses on the travel and air quality implications of telecommuting....

³H and ¹4C as Tracers of Ground-Water Recharge
Surface spreading of water from the Santa Clara River is used to recharge aquifers underlying the Oxnard Plain. These aquifers are divided into an upper system about 400 feet thick, and...

Removal of Extremely Low Levels of Munitions in a Drinking Water Supply

Reduced Recharge Capacity of a Pump and Treat System

Treatability Study of Granular and Biological Activated Carbon for Groundwater Containing Fenac, a Herbicide

Implementing a Wellhead TCE Removal Project in Redlands

Atrazine Biodegradation in Biological GAC Columns

Transportation Planning and Air Quality
This proceedings, Transportation Planning and Air Quality, consists of papers presented at the National Conference sponsored by the Urban Transportation...

Strengthening of Structures with CFRP Laminates

CFRP Cables for Large Structures

Preliminary National Evaluations of CO2 Emission Controls
Under the aegis of the International Energy Agency, several countries have begun making comparable studies of the cost-effectiveness of various measures to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide...

Exploring CO2 Emissions Reduction Strategies
Concern for potential climate change resulting from the greenhouse effect may be the biggest factor in energy planning in the 1990s. A 20% reduction in CO2,...





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