Evaluating Soils and Hazards in the Mississippi Canyon

A Scaled Physical Modeling Investigation of the Potential Response of the Lake Mills Delta to Different Magnitudes and Rates of Removal of Glines Canyon Dam from the Elwha River, WA.

Post Cerro Grande Fire Channel Morphology in Lower Pueblo Canyon: And Storm Water Transport of Plutonium 239/240 in Suspended Sediments

Total Valuation of Grand Canyon Resources

Initiation of Debris Flows in Tributaries of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, Arizona

Debris Flows in Grand Canyon National Park: Peak Discharges, Flow Transformations, and Hydrographs

Problem and Technical Solutions: The Seven Oaks Dam, Physical Elements of the Seven Oaks Dam Feature
Seven Oaks Dam is located in the upper Santa Ana Canyon approximately 1 mile from the canyon mouth. The site is 8 miles northeast of the city of Redlands in San Bernardino County on the...

Freshwater Bypass Microtunnels for a Class III Sanitary Landfill

Hydropower and the Environment: A Case Study at Glen Canyon Dam

Operation of Glen Canyon Dam Environmental Impact Statement

Recreation and Jobs in the Glen Canyon Dam Region

Railroad Canyon Dam Overtopping Protection

Measurements of Velocity and Discharge, Grand Canyon, Arizona, May 1994

Exploration and Remediation of U.S. Route 189 Hoover Landslides

Compaction Grouting in a Canyon Fill

Simulating Hourly Hydropower Operations for the Assessment of Environmental and Economic Impact
Generation of peaking power at Glen Canyon Dam causes river flow and stage to fluctuate on an hourly basis. This has been shown to impact the downstream physical and biological environment....

Petrographic and Geochemical Characteristics of a Section Through the Tiva Canyon Tuff at Antler Ridge, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Structural Character of the Northern Segment of the Paintbrush Canyon Fault, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Spanning the Grand Canyon
Replacement of a bridge across the Grand Canyon challenged engineers to create a design in keeping with the area's beauty, history and protected environment. Their answer...

Glen Canyon: The Economic Costs
Revenues from power produced at Glen Canyon Dam are used to support Colorado River Storage Project (CRSP) purposes, to pay O&M costs, and to repay construction costs. Generation...





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