Controlled Drill & Blast Excavation at AECL's Underground Research Laboratory

Identification of a General Linear Model for Reservoir Inflows Forecasting
General linear stochastic models represent a valuable alternative to conceptual models in order to describe runoff generating mechanisms in a drainage basin. In regions such as Quebec,...

U.S.-Canadian Water Sharing
The development, and an overview, of processes used to address water sharing between the United States and Canada are addressed. Transboundary waters between the two countries include...

Microtunneling Database for the USA and Canada From 1984 to 1995

Evaluation of Reliability of an Existing Concrete Bridge: A Case Study

Decision Support
A number of factors have combined to make a computer-based decision support system (DSS) for power system operations attractive to Great Lakes Power Limited (GLP), a private utility that...

Road and Airfield Development in the Subarctic and Arctic, Alaska and Northwest Canada

The Status of Cold Regions Research

Field Observations of Instrumented Highway Sections with Different Frost Protections

Permafrost Formation and Aggradation in a 23-m High Homogeneous Dyke: A Case-Study

History of Coastal Engineering in Canada

Mapping History
Difficult, environmentally sensitive terrain combined with the fact that Canadian Western Natural Gas's new Banff pipeline will be laid in archaeologically rich ground posed...

For Sure Shores
Fighting a long history of beach-destroying structures and man-made inlets, coastal engineers are finding that the answer to beach erosion lies in a deeper understanding of its dynamic...

A Diffusion-Type Adsorption Batch Test Method for Determination of Benzene Adsorption on Regina Clay

Recent Innovation for Concrete Highway Bridges

Roads and Airfields in Cold Regions
This state-of-the-practice report on the design and development of roads and airfields is the eighth monograph in a series prepared by the Technical Council on Cold Regions Engineering...

Marketing budgets vary greatly from company to company. They will be much larger, when you calculate labor as a percentage of total marketing costs, for smaller firms than larger ones....

Examination of Performance of a Geomembrane Landfill Cover

Deltaport: A New Container Terminal for Vancouver Port Corporation

Ballantyne Pier Redevelopment Project, Vancouver





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