Bidding–and Winning–In the Privatization Game

Consequence-Based Dam Safety: A Blanced Risk Approach

Reservoir and Canal System Regulation for Operation of the Raymond Reservoir Hydro Project

Earthquake Hazard Mapping for Lifeline Engineering Coquitlam, British Columbia

City of Vancouver Dedicated Fire Protection System Underground Piping Design Considerations

A Comprehensive Approach to Water Resources Management in the Halifax River Watershed: A Coastal Community

Canada-USA 1994 Oil Spill Exercise on the Great Lakes – Modelling Support and its Evaluation

Advances in Underground Pipeline Engineering II
The first international conference on Advances in Underground Pipeline Engineering was held in 1985. Some 50 authors and over 300 delegates from 20 countries took part in the presentations...

Management of Water Resources in North America III Anticipating the 21st Century, September 4-8, 1993, Tucson, Arizona: Canada-United States Boundary Waters Management Arrangements

Ethics of Transboundary Planning: U. S. and Canada

Wider Ride to the Rainbow
Engineers on the project to widen the entrance to the Rainbow Bridge between New York and Ontario let the aesthetics of the Niagara Falls setting dictate their design decisions. The challenge...

Management of Water Resources in North America III
Anticipating the 21st Century
This proceedings, Management of Water Resources in North America III, contains fourteen of the papers presented and discussed at the Third...

The Canadian Approach in the Design of Wood Structures: Conversion to Limit States Design
During the early 70's, the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) established the principle that structural design be carried out using the limit states design (LSD) method. The technical...

Hi-Tech Seismic Rehabilitation of `Casino De Montreal'
The existing eight-story steel structure, built during 1966, lacked in lateral earthquake resistance and ductility requirements of the current building code. Introduction of friction-dampers...

Seismic Behaviour of Tall Guyed Telecommunication Towers
This paper presents results of a detailed numerical modelling study of two guyed telecommunication towers subjected to seismic excitation: a 107-m (350 ft) tower with six stay levels,...

Intelligent Decision Support System for Stage Discharge Analysis
A Decision Support System (DSS) for fitting stage-discharge (S-D) relations is being developed by the University of Manitoba, Facility for Intelligent Decision Support, for Environment...

Survey of Stormwater Detention State of Practice
A survey of stormwater professionals in the United States and Canada was conducted by the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District in 1991 regarding the current state of practice in the...

CAD for Small Hydro Projects
The quest to reduce design costs and improve design quality by raising productivity is familiar to every manager and designer. This article examines how CAD can play a role by examining...

Sensitivity of Radiological Impacts of a Waste Disposal System to Radionuclide Sorption in the Geosphere

Safeguarding the Disposal of Canada's Used Nuclear Fuel





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