The Surface Circulation in the Santa Barbara Channel Observed with Drifters and Current Meters

Results of the Coastal Waves Meteorological Project: Analysis of the Santa Barbara Channel Data

Climate Change and the California Current Ecosystem

Demersal Fish and Invertebrate Population Variability

Contaminant Levels in Fish Tissue from San Francisco Bay

A Ten-Year Summary of Ocean Monitoring on the San Pedro Shelf, California

City and County of San Francisco Combined Sewer System: Reduction of Overflows and High Bacteria Counts

Redefining the Federal Review Process of High Energy Seismic Exploration for Oil and Gas on Southern California's Outer Continental Shelf: An Example of Federal, State, Local, Industry, and Public Cooperation

Chemistry, Toxicity and Benthic Community Conditions of Sediments from Selected Southern California Bays and Estuaries

Ocean Benefits of Healthy Riparian Systems

Artificial Attachment of Surf Grass (Phyllospadix sp.) Within a Nearshore, Rocky Habitat in Southern California

Carpinteria Offshore Field Study, Offshore Southern California

Review of California's Marine Bacterial Standards

The State Water Resources Control Board's Marine Bioassay Project

Southern California Educational Initiative and Coastal Marine Institute: Long-term Environmental, Social and Economic Consequences of Offshore Oil and Gas Production

Support for Coastal Watershed Activities Using the CERES Watershed Information Technical System

Mass Loading and Subsequent Baywide Transport of Sediment Resuspension During Tug Assisted Ship Movements at the Naval Station San Diego

Geotechnical Engineering for Sustainable Development

Fixed Guideway Transit for Riverside, California

Planning an APM for San Francisco International Airport





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