Geotechnical Evaluation of California Central Valley Urban Levees

NewsBriefs: California Seeks to Obtain Its Energy from Renewable Sources

NewsBriefs: Elevated Structures for Sacramento (Associated Press)

Short Takes: Photo and Caption (The Los Angeles Section)

Maximum Weighted Log-Likelihood Estimation for Parameterization Selection Uncertainty
Hydraulic conductivity identification remains a challenging inverse problem in groundwater modeling because of inherent non-uniqueness and lack of flexibility in parameterization methods....

Remediation System Optimization with Alternatives
This work applies the enhanced multi-objective robust genetic algorithm (EMRGA) (Beckford and Chan Hilton, 2004) to Fort Ord's Site OU2 for optimal groundwater remediation under uncertainty....

Summary of Approaches for Estimating Playa Lake Flooding
Playa, or terminal, lakes are common in semi- and arid environments; and their characteristic level, hard, and usually dry surfaces make them ideal for airports, as they are used in the...

Port of Los Angeles Risk Management Strategies
This paper examines risk management strategies for the port of Los Angeles. Topics include its importance to the economy, potential port risks, seismic risk strategies, and terrorist risk...

Short Takes: Los Angeles Section Honors Life Members

Modeling Fort Ord Site OU2's Remediation System Using Optimization
Fort Ord.s Site OU2 is located approximately 80 miles south of San Francisco near Monterey Bay in Monterey County, California. Fort Ord contains two landfills which were used for residential...

Book Review: Managing Water: Avoiding Crisis in California by Dorothy Green. Berkeley, California: University of California Press, 2007

NewsBriefs: More Efficient Solar Cell Developed (Unversity of California, Santa Barbara)

Transportation: Caltrans to Expand HOT Lanes near San Diego

California's Levees at Risk

Developing a Dredging Regime for San Francisco Bay

New Approaches to Ecosystems-Based, Marine Protection using Leveraging Partnerships: The Experience of The Nature Conservancy

Shelf Groundfish Closures and Impacts on Other Fisheries: A Panel

The Big Picture ? By the Numbers ? And Issues for the Coast

No State is an Energy Island

Liquefied Natural Gas ? Its History in the World and Future in California





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