Use of MODFLOW-Derived Unit Impulse Functions to Re-Calibrate Return Flow in a Surface Water Planning Model

Imperial County Groundwater Evaluation: Model Development and Calibration

Inverse Modeling as a Step in the Calibration of the LBL-USGS Site-Scale Model of Yucca Mountain

Recent Development of the LBL/USGS Site-Scale Model of Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Calibration and Verification of QUAL2E Water Quality Model in Sub-Tropical Canals

Calibration and Verification of Watershed Quality Model SWMM in Sub-Tropical Urban Areas

An Efficient Approach to Modeling Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics

PC Reservoir Simulation System (PCRSS) - Development and Calibration of a Reservoir Simulation Model for the Salt River Project

Calibration Using Inverse Transient Analysis

Safe Harbor Hydroelectric Station Index Tests, Flow Measurements, and Hydro Operating Curve Revision

Modeling of Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Feitsui Reservoir Watershed

Optimal Measurement Location for the Calibration of Groundwater Management Models

Automated Weather Station Characterization and Documentation

Calibration and Validation of a Groundwater Model for Southern New Mexico

The Inelastic Response of an Offshore Platform in Hurricane Andrew
Amoco's Gulf of Mexico South Timbalier 161A platform took a direct hit from Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992, experiencing loads which far exceeded its design load. The platform had...

Determining Optimal Parameter Dimensions for Water Distribution Network Models
Water distribution systems contain a large number of pipes whose roughness factors are unknown prior to model calibration. During the calibration process, pipe roughnesses for each link...

Calibration of a Highway Traffic Assignment Model for the Manhattan Central Business District
This paper describes the application of a traffic assignment model, specifically the TRANPLAN model, in New York City together with the methodologies and the satellite programs that were...

Calibration of Movable Bed Model for Armant Area
The morphology of the Nile River, in Egypt, is undergoing continuous changes which causes navigation bottle-necks in some local reaches. About 200 km downstream Aswan, at Armant area,...

Hot-Film Response in Three-Dimensional Highly Turbulent Flows
A methodology is described for accurate turbulence measurements with hot film or hot wires even at turbulent intensities as high as 100%. The assumptions involved and the approximations...

Developing Air Concentration and Velocity Probes for Measuring Highly-Aerated, High-Velocity Flow
The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's stepped spillway overtopping protection research program required velocity and air concentration profile data be obtained during testing in a large, 15.2-m-high...





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