Development and Calibration of a New Cellular Automation Model for Simulation of Traffic Flow on German Motorways (Autobahn)

Calibration of a Semi-Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model Using Global Optimization Strategies

The WELLSIM Model for Analyzing Well Hydrodynamics

Calibration of Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling for Ogallala, Nebraska

Neural Networks in Optimal Calibration of Water Distribution Systems

Non-Linear Parameter Estimation of an Urban Runoff Model Using XP-SWMM32 and PEST

Design of Field Program and Use of Field Measurements to Calibrate a Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model of an Estuarine River System

Genetic Algorithm Approach in FRESIM Calibration

LRFD Design of Steel Bridges and the Case for Calibrating the Service Limit States

Platoon Dispersion and Calibration Under Advanced Traffic Control Strategies

Statistical Calibration of Safety Factors for Encased Composite Columns

Iterative Calibration of Hydrodynamic and Temperature Models - Application to the Sacramento River

Hot-Film Shear Stress Measurements in Laminar and Turbulent Flows

Calibration of Open Channel Flow Computer Simulations

Applications of Predictive Numerical Simulations Using Calibrated Macroscopic Traffic Flow Models

PRIMAVERA: Integrated ATT Strategies for Urban Arterials

A One-Dimensional Cross-Shore Transport Model

Simulation of Dune and Nourished Berm Erosion During Storm Surges

3D Numerical Modeling of Cohesive Sediments

Discharge Measurements and Predictions in Wetlands
Existing procedures used to estimate discharge in wetland environments are evaluated. Suggestions are made for possible improved methodologies based on field investigation. Suggestions...





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