Stabilization of Cadmium-Impacted Soils Using Jet-Grouting Techniques

Sampling Sediment on a Complex Site
The remedial design of a complex Superfund site hinged on a variety of sampling methods required by the site's diverse terrain. Cadmium, lead, cobalt and nickel are the culprits...

Polycrystalline CdTe Solar Cells for Large-Scale Space Applications
Solar cells are recognized energy sources for use in space. In this talk, the current status of polycrystalline CdTe solar cell development and the potential use of this technology for...

Immobilization of Cadmium in Sediment by Treatment with Aluminum Hydrolysis Products

Modeling Heavy Metal Adsorption in a Multi-Adsorbent (Powdered Activated Carbon) System

Photocatalytic Oxidation of Organic Compounds by CdS?Improvement of the Photostability of CdS

Factors Influencing Zinc Cementation of Cadmium
The research reported here examines an innovative procedure for removal of cadmium from wastewaters. This process is the cementation of cadmium by zinc metal. Cementation is highly attractive...

Fixation of Chromium and Cadmium from Electroplating Waste Sludges
The authors compare the effectiveness of two fixation techniques, namely silicate-cement and lime-fly ash, for immobilizing chromium and cadmium in a waste sludge obtained from an electroplating...

An Assessment of the Effects of a Cadmium Discharge Ordinance

The Treatment of Cadmium Plating Wastewaters by Activated Carbon Adsorption

Monitoring Sludge Disposal?? Mid-Atlantic Shelf





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