A Review of Established Water Markets and Quasi-Water Markets
This presentation provides a review of established institutional mechanisms which regulate the transfer of water withdrawal rights. Each method of water rights transfer is evaluated in...

Sheetflow Water Quality Monitoring Device: Results of Nine Month Field Testing
(No paper) The objective of this 30 month research project was to develop a sheetflow sampler for sampling highway runoff. The specific goals of this Small Business Innovation Research...

Tension Element Testing in South Bay and Downtown Boston for Central Artery/Tunnel (CA/T) Project

Downtown Goes Uptown in Stainless Steel
In an unusual urban planning endeavor, a business district in Houston upgraded infrastructure, and added stainless steel design elements to unify the area. About $11 million was raised...

Sustainable Transportation Strategy and Market Planning Approach: The Southern California Experience

Road Network Design in a Market Economy

The Russian Construction Complex in Transition to Market Economy

ASCE and the C&O Canal (National Capital Section)

Digging for the Washington DC Metro System

A Market Survey of APM Service Attributes

Detroit Downtown People Mover: Ten Years After

Economic Analysis of a Monorail Link Between the Stratosphere Tower and Downtown Las Vegas

Market Advancement for Composite Marine Piling and Timber

Microtunneling in Downtown Honolulu

Time Management for Engineers and Constructors
This book describes solutions to the problem of why it is that engineers who pride themselves on logical thinking and efficiency are not more successful in time management. It provides...

Lifeline Failure and Disaster Preparedness of Businesses

Evolution versus Revolution: the Culture of Steel Bridge Construction

A Nine Pipe Jacked Crossing of I-93 in Downtown Boston

Environmental Quality, Innovative Technologies, and Sustainable Economic Development
A NAFTA Perspective
This workshop proceedings assesses the current level of environmental technologies available in key media and industrial areas and their role in enhancing environmental quality in international...

Hydropower's Role in a Competitive Electricity Supply Market





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