Chemically Reacting Thermals with Buoyancy Reversal

Buoyant Plumes from Hydrothermal Vents

Clouds Formed by Large Area Fires

The Effect of a Strong Wind Over a Buoyant Spreading Flow

Applications of a Two-Equation Turbulence Model to Geophysical Boundary Layers

Numerical Simulations of Complex Turbulent Flows with Strong Buoyancy Effects

Spectral Modelling of Stably Stratified Turbulence Towards a Collapse of an Initially Three-Dimensional State

Surface Plumes in Shallow Crossflow

CORMIX1: Expert System for Mixing Zone Analysis of Pollutant Discharges Into the Water Environment
The Cornell Mixing Zone Expert System (CORMIX) is an integrated software package for the analysis, prediction, and design of aqueous toxic or conventional pollutant discharges into watercourses....

A Review of Factors Affecting Recovery of Freshwater Stored in Saline Aquifers
A simulation analysis reported previously, and summarized herein, identified the effects of various geohydrologic and operational factors on recoverability of the injected water. Buoyancy...

Hydraulic Effects on Swimming Fish in Fish Passage Structures
The implications of profile drag, weight, and buoyant forces on energy and power requirements of fish swimming through fish passage structures are considered. Where hydraulic grade lines...

Role of Wave Transformation on Mixing of Buoyant Nets

Expert System for Mixing Zone Analysis of Toxic and Conventional Discharges
The Cornell Mixing Zone Expert System (CORMIX) is a series of software subsystems for the analysis, prediction and design of aqueous toxic or conventional pollutant discharges into watercourses...

Gravity-Current in an Open-Channel Flow and Arrested Buoyant Wedge

Negatively Buoyant Diffuser Flow

Control of Buoyant Jet Mixing by Far Field Spreading

Negatively Buoyant Flow in a Diverging Channel
Negatively buoyant (plunging) flow from a horizontal, constant width channel into a diverging channel has been studied in the laboratory. The study was undertaken to provide information...

Brownian Coagulation in the Initial Mixing Region of a Buoyant Plume
The paper discusses reactive systems that share the following common phenomenon: their reaction is either controlled by both kinetics and diffusion, or fully by diffusion. It reports on...

Three-Dimensional Simulation of a Buoyancy-Driven Cavity Flow
The preliminary results of a numerical investigation of natural convection flow in a three-dimensional cavity heated from below are presented. The transient three-dimensional simulation...

Buoyant Jet Solution with Synthetic Entrainment Function
A synthetic entrainment function is proposed for buoyant jets discharged at an arbitrary angle into otherwise quiescent ambient fluids. The entrainment function consists of two separate...





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