Natural Ventilation of an Exothermic Waste Repository

Analysis of a Natural Convection Loop Which Includes Reservoirs

CDF - A New Bedding System for Clay Pipe

Comparison of Oil Trajectory Model with Drifting Buoys

A Sonobuoy-Sized Expendable Air-Deployable Directional Wave Sensor
Obtaining wave information from small expendable air-deployable buoys is important for numerous military operations, civilian applications, and research purposes. Such buoys may be deployed...

The Impact of Buoyant, Gas-Phase Flow and Heterogeneity on Thermo-Hydrological Behavior at Yucca Mountain

MAC3D: Multiblock Numerical Model for Hydraulic Applications
The MAC3D computer code is a three-dimensional numerical model for incompressible flow. To enhance geometric flexibility, it uses multiblock grids, which are composite structured grids...

Simulation of Buoyant, Miscible Liquid Plumes in Heterogeneous Aquifers
Laboratory experiments have been conducted in a sand tank with a single heterogeneity into which NaNO3 is continuously injected. From samples along, across and over the depth of the tank...

Density Currents in Pollutant Transport and Mixing
A buoyant spreading model for the current-advected plume is formulated including several distinct mechanisms: convective spreading, interfacial friction spreading, entrainment at the density...

Oil Under Ice: Buoyancy Viscous Spreading

On-Orbit Assembly of Large Space Structures: A Mars Aerobrake Mock-up Study
As design requirements for space structures become larger in dimension, the issues of shipping and assembling these structures in space become more critical. One example of such a structure...

A Conceptual Model for Vertical Frazil Distribution in Turbulent Flows
A conceptual model is presented for the evolution of frazil over depth in a turbulent flow. The net upward migration due to buoyancy of the frazil is opposed by intermittent mixing induced...

Buoyant, Miscible Plume in Heterogeneous Aquifer
A three-dimensional, particle tracking scheme is used to compute the trajectory of and spread about the centroid of a mass slug added to steady flow through an infinite aquifer with an...

Classification and Prediction of Buoyant Surface Discharges
Past efforts to predict the dilution and geometric characteristics of buoyant surface flows have relied on integral modelling techniques involving the solution of a series of differential...

Progress in Hydromechanics
The historical development of hydromechanics in the fifty years since the founding of the Hydraulics Division is reviewed. Rouse's 1938 text, Fluid Mechanics for Hydraulic Engineers, provided...

Shear Instabilities in Stratified Flow

Turbulent Mixing in the Presence of a Stabilizing Buoyancy-Flux

Vortical Turbulence in a Stratified Fluid

Density Currents from a Radial Source in Stratified Flowing Environments

A Model for Predicting the Properties of Three-Dimensional Negatively Buoyant Starting Plumes on a Sloping Surface





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