Protection of Timber Bulkheads from Marine Borers

Anchored Timber Bulkhead Seaport Industrial Center

Practical Aspects of Timber Bulkhead Construction

Underwater Tracks for Marine Railways

Timber Wave Fence for Marina Protection

Shoreline Erosion Protection and Beach Nourishment
More than 40 percent of our national shoreline, excluding Alaska, is undergoing severe erosion. Structural measures including bulkheads, seawalls, revetments, groins, offshore breakwaters,...

Bulkhead Instability in Soft Soil
This paper presents a case study involving the severe disturbance of the subsurface soils in front of an existing bulkhead caused by the berthing of a jack-up type, offshore drilling vessel....

Timber Bulkheads
Timber bulkhead design and construction methods are presented in this publication for consideration by the engineering profession. Included are papers on an analytical method for the design...

Permanent Tiebacks on Waterfront Structures

Earth Tieback Support for an Existing Floodwall

Tiebacks for Waterfront Bulkheads

Case History: St. Louis Municipal Terminal

Waterfront Bulkheads

Rowes Wharf: A Case Study in Substructure Innovation
Rowes Wharf is a project with many unique features. This paper has attempted to briefly review just one of these features - Up/Down construction. The willingness of the development team...

Innovative Bulkhead Design: Third Port Project—St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
This paper describes an innovative design making use of a 'master pile' bulkhead to support the waterside rail for travelling container cranes as well as to retain...

Innovative Repairs to Steel Sheet Pile Structures
Several unique and many unusual repair techniques have been used to structurally rebuild steel sheet pile walls. An example of a unique repair to a cellular cofferdam utilizing a suspended...

Port of Kismayo (Somalia) Rehabilitation
Extensive deterioration of the 2070 ft long four-berth, marginal wharf at the Port of Kismayo necessitated a major rehabilitation to maintain operations. The selected scheme was a steel...

Tiebacks for Bulkheads
Tiebacks were once used primarily to support temporary structures such as supported excavations. However, the use of tiebacks has been gradually expanded to include the support of permanent...

Behavior of Concrete Bulkheads in Salt Drifts
Parameters studies of the behavior of a plug made from expansive concrete have been performed. Such plugs are now being field tested for sealing boreholes, shafts and drifts at an underground...

Design of Pressure-Treared Wood Bulkheads





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