Washington State Coastal Erosion Management Strategy
The shores of Washington's inland coast - Puget Sound - undergo chronic and episodic erosion and landsliding. The problem is not nearly so great here as elsewhere in the U.S.A., but what...

Pine Creek Tidal Hydraulic Study

Incorporating Corrosion in Reliability-Based Design of Anchored Bulkheads
Corrosion of steel is an important factor in the design of marine structures. A reliability analysis of anchored bulkheads showed that corrosion changes the critical failure mode from...

Deep Water Container Wharf & Crane Foundation
A deep water anchored steel bulkhead and a parallel-independent low-profile, pile supported crane rail foundation with special stowage areas are discussed from soils investigation, through...

Design and Construction of Waterfront Facilities at U.S. Navy Homeport at Ingleside, Texas
The waterfront facilities for the largest of the Navy's new homeports in the Gulf of Mexico were completed in 1990. The project included over 2,500 feet (762 m.) of deep draft bulkhead...

Replacement of a Deteriorated Steel Sheet Pile Bulkhead
This paper presents a life history of a marine steel sheet pile bulkhead, over 35 years old, that has been exposed to a salt water environment with minimal maintenance or repair in the...

Shore Protection Construction Along the California Coast
Severe beach, cliff and bluff erosion is occurring along the urban communities on the 1800 miles of ocean, bay and estuarine shoreline of California. This report is an overview of the...

Dewatering Using a Floating Bulkhead Proves Flexible, Reusable and Cost Effective
Going beyond a traditional bulkhead dropped in place with a barge crane or crane hoist, a steel floating bulkhead was conceived to dewater powerplant intakes, gated spillway bays or outlet...

Cellular Sheetpile Bulkheads

The Great Kills Park Timber Bulkhead

U.S. Navy's First Double Deck Pier, Post Construction

Dynamic Stability of Dumped Riprap

Handling of Intake Bulkhead at King Talal Dam
During raising of King Talal Dam in Jordan in 1986, the existing intake wheel gate provided at the inlet of the project Low Level Outlet Works (LLOW) tunnel was found inadequate to withstand...

Replacement of Oil Dock No. 2 at the Port of Corpus Christi

Sidescan Sonar Examination of Deteriorated Revetments and Bulkheads Along Chicago's Lake Front

Protection of Timber Bulkheads from Marine Borers

Anchored Timber Bulkhead, Seaport Industrial Center

Practical Aspects Of Timber Bulkhead Construction

Timber Wave Fence for Marine Protection

Analytical Solutions for Sheet Piles





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