Sensitivity of Unilateral Buckling

Dynamic Buckling and Post-Buckling of Stressed Composite Arches

Buckling of Underground Pipes with Soil Interaction

A Finite Element Approach to the Buckling Behavior of Helical Soil Piers

Magnetoelastic Instability of Superconducting Partial Torus

A Transfer Matrix-Perturbation Approach to the Buckling Analysis of Nonlinear Periodic Structures

An Analysis of Stiffened Cylindrical Shells Under Interactive Buckling

Nonlinear Analysis of Laminated Composite Structures Using a Layerwise Theory

Quasi Buckling Generated by Transverse Loads

Nonlinear Stability Analysis Using a New Stiffener Element

Stability and Deflections of Braced Columns with Three Unequal Spans

Solitons and Chaos in Nonlinear Periodic Structures

Frame Imperfections for Advanced Inelastic Analysis of Sway Frames

Optimization of Mechanical Behaviour of Hydro Generator Stator Cores Due to Buckling Effects

Buried Pipelines in Large Fault Movements

Beam and Shell Modes of Buckling of Buried Pipes Induced by Compressive Ground Failure

Analysis of Biaxial Strength of Fiberboard

A New Method of Truss Analysis for Large Deformations and Snap-Through

Buckling of Helical Anchors Used for Underpinning

Postbuckling Response of Doubly-Curved Shallow Panels Under Complex Loading Conditions
The static postbuckling of laminated doubly-curved shallow panels subjected to the complex action of a system of in-plane compressive edge loads and a transverse pressure field is investigated....





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