Fire Following Earthquake
Prepared by the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of ASCE. This TCLEE Monograph covers the entire range of fire following earthquake...

A Participatory Approach to Development of a Decision Support Tool
Effective decision-making in water management must consider both the physical characteristics of the system and the social, political, and institutional aspects. These latter aspects cannot...

Piece by Piece
The Lions' Gate Suspension Bridge, a landmark structure in Vancouver, British Columbia, marks the entrance to one of the busiest harbors on the west coast of North America....

Good Vibrations
As advances in material technology and structural efficiency find reflection in structures that are lighter, more slender, and more daring architecturally, design teams must focus more...

Application of Water Column Dampers to Control Motions of the Wall Centre, Vancouver
The Wall Centre, a 450 foot tall high-rise tower currently under construction in downtown Vancouver will be the highest building to be constructed in that city. Wind tunnel testing indicated...

The Washington Region: Land Use and Travel Patterns
The Washington Region is the eighth largest metropolitan area in the United States, with a population of four million people spread over 4,000 square miles. By 2020, the region's population...

Public Transportation in Washington, D. C.
The Washington, D. C. metropolitan area is served by a world class transit bus and heavy rail subway system operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). The...

Three-Dimensional Model Simulations off the West Coast of Vancouver Island

ASCE and the C&O Canal (National Capital Section)

Digging for the Washington DC Metro System

Design and Construction of Deltaport Container Terminal, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Design and Construction of Three Ferry Terminals on the Mid-Coast of British Columbia for the New Discovery Coast Passage Ferry Route

Seismic Microzonation Mapping in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Risk Management at Wahleach Dam
In a first-of-its-kind application, engineers used risk analysis to make event-driven design decisions to evaluate dam safety improvements at Canada's Wahleach Dam in British...

Multiplicity (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
When it comes to tracking groundwater contaminant plumes, single completion monitoring wells are the standard choice, but they aren't the only one. After four years of trying...

Water Quality Retrofit of an Existing Drainage Basin Using a Sand Filter Design

British Columbia Hydro's Commitment to the Environmental Movement: Puntledge River Hydro Intake Facility

Debris Flow Hazard Assessment in British Columbia

Identification of Coastal British Columbia Terrain Susceptible to Debris Flows

Channelized Debris Flow Mitigative Structures in British Columbia, Canada





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