Bridges: Cable-Stayed Pedestrian Span Rises to the Occasion

Island in the Mur
Floating atop an immense pontoon like a shimmering seashell, this elliptical island of steel and glass in the middle of an Austrian river�an inventive, unconventional bridge�was designed...

An Unconventional Approach
Conceived to resemble a series of covered suspension bridges, Pittsburgh's new $370-million David L. Lawrence Convention Center boasts a cable-supported stainless steel roof...

Durability of Bridge Tendons

Bridges: Pedestrian Crossing Mimics Double Helix

Bridges: Steep Rock Slope Forces Foundation Redesign

Bridges: Cable-Supported Span Designed to Harmonize with Nature

Book Review: What Is a Bridge? The Making of Calatrava's Bridge in Seville by Spiro N. Pollalis (drawings by Alberto Diaz-Hermidas). Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2002

Book Review: Movable Bridge Engineering by Terry L. Koglin. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2003

NewsBriefs: Structural Materials Made from Recycled Plastic (Bridge Design & Engineering)

NewsBriefs: Many Pennsylvania Bridges in Need of Repair (Associated Press)

Reconstructed With Precision
Rehabilitating a heavily traveled crossing while traffic continues to flow is a complicated endeavor. Add the attention to detail required to preserve the character of a historic 1920's...

Rector Street Bridge

Bridges: Steel Bridge Launched over Iowa River

Infrastructure: Shear Cracking Leads Oregon to Reassess Bridge Strategy

Materials: Pine Barrens Bridge Features Plastic I Beams

Guidelines for Forensic Engineering Practice
Sponsored by the Forensic Engineering Practice Committee of the Technical Council on Forensic Engineering of ASCE. This report provides the fundamentals...

They're Off and Clicking in 2003 Bridge Competition

Bridges: Poole Harbour Span Design Sets Sail

Technology: Vehicular Evacuation Information System Links States





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