Bridges: Second Panama Canal Crossing Nears Completion

Technology: Passive Devices Monitor Bridges, Buildings

People: Students' Small Plastic Bridge is Big Success Story

Bridges: Pedestrian Crossing Spans Gatwick Taxiway

Poetic Crossing
Named for Georgia's first national poet, Sidney Clopton Lanier, the new Sidney Lanier Bridge, spanning the Brunswick River in the city of Brunswick, is an elegant structure...

Northern Exposure
Traffic growth on a Massachusetts highway leading to New Hampshire called for new lanes and replacement of all of the bridges. Wide medians aided the work; narrow ones complicated matters....

A New Identity
By repairing and relocating steel trusses, replacing deteriorating approach spans, and replacing what, at the time of its construction, was regarded as a daring concrete truss, engineers...

Technology: Bridge Sensor System Delivers Results Quickly

Bridge and Tunnel Security
The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and the Federal Highway Administration recently convened a panel of esteemed researchers and experts in bridge and...

Outside the Box
Employing an innovative design that made construction quick and economical, the box girder structure carrying Highway N-2 over interstate 80 near Grand Island, Nebraska, became the first...

Structural Engineering: Arch Bridge Uses Posttensioned Concrete Girders

Technology: Full-Scale Model Bridge Will Test Sensors and Monitors

Bridge Design: New French Viaduct Features Innovative Design

Bridge to the Future
The final component of Thailand's new Outer Bangkok Ring Road, the eight-lane cable-stayed Chao Phraya River Bridge, will not only alleviate Bangkok's notoriously...

Scour: No. 1 Destroyer of Bridges

Corebits: G-I Board Announces 3 New Members; 5th Annual Geo Day; Geo-Frontiers 2005; Geo-Trans 2004; Delwyn G. Fredlund, P.E. Ph.D. Selected as 2005 Karl Terzaghi Lecturer; 2004 ASCE Election Results; Members in the News; In Memoriam (Kandiah Arulanandan); Immediate Action Needed to Protect Public from Unsafe Dam; North American Geosynthetics Society (NAGS) Strategic Planning Retreat; Geosynthetic Research Institute (GSI) Announced 2005 Winter Courses; ASFE Unveils New Web Site; ADSC Conference on QA/QC and Verification for Drilled Shafts, Anchors and Micropiles; Transportation Research Board ITRB) Presents New Design Guideline; Use of Controlled Low-Strength Material as Abutment Backfill; Prof, William Van Impe Receives the De Beer Award

Bridge Construction: Fourth Vehicular Link between Hong Kong and Mainland China under Construction

Overview of Long-Span Bridge Assessment History
This section gives a brief overview of long-span bridge assessment history. Also included are a few cases of long-span bridge failure and lack of assessment....

Review of Bridge Performance and Its Parameters
This section contains a review of bridge performance and its parameters. Topics include definition of lifetime performance and kinds of functioning for bridge performance....

Compiled Database on the Long-Span Bridges
This section briefly discusses the database that was created in order to establish the number and types of all the vital long-span bridges in the USA....





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