NewsBriefs: New Tacoma Narrows Bridge Struck By Ship (The Seattle Times)

NewsBriefs: Old Bridge Span Gains New Life (The Washington Post)

NewsBriefs: PCA Concrete Bridge Winners Announced (Portland Cement Association)

NewsBriefs: Messina Bridge Plan is Abandoned (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development
The Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development is a Chinese language journal that includes road and transportation related R&D academic...

Highway Bridges Performance and Repair
This chapter covers highway bridges performance and repair. Bridges in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama are discussed....

Impact on New Design
This chapter briefly discusses potential changes in bridge design following Hurricane Katrina....

Calendar: Bridges 2007
Featured bridges are: Glen Canyon Bridge (AZ); Pont de Pierre (Bordeaux, France); Hernando DeSoto Bridge (TN); Ponte Vasco da Gama (Lisbon, Portugal); Detroit-Superior Bridge (OH); Ohnaruto...

Flood Protection: Calatrava Bridges to Crown Dallas River Basin

In the Field: Students Resurrect New England Bridges

Bridge Design: Extradosed Bridge Distinguishes Tollway Project in India

Five OCEA Finalists Chosen; OPAL Lifetime Achievement Recipients Named (Rion-Antirion Bridge; Mubarak Pumping Station; Time Warner Center; AirTrain JFK Light Rail System; Olivenhain Dam Reservoir)

The New Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge Introductory Project Information
On September 25, 2002, Notice-to-Proceed for a design-build agreement was issued by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), directing Tacoma Narrows Constructors (TNC),...

BP Bridge at Millennium Park, Chicago
The structural engineering design and constructive aspects of a unique stainless steel-clad pedestrian crossing at the Millennium Park in Chicago are presented. The overall bridge form...

On the Inelastic Design of Steel I Girder Bridges
This paper documents the development of a relatively easy to use set of effective plastic moment expressions and compares the performance of these equations with a series of experimental...

Bridges: Rolling London Footbridge Surprises Spectators

In the Field: FRP Concrete Hybrid Proves Worth in Bridge Replacement

Rion � Antirion Bridge: Wins 2005 OCEA Award; OPAL Lifetime Recipients Honored; Pankow Winner Named

In The Field: Iron Truss Bridges Are Works of Art, Engineering Student Says

Brothers Triumph in Final Round of Bridge Design Contest, Win Scholarships





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