Powering Your Electric Vehicle: Affordability Starts with Properly Engineered Geomembrane Liner Systems
Lithium is a vital battery component, and lithium-ion batteries are especially interesting because in addition to being rechargeable, they present a high-energy density and low self-discharge, which means...

Brent Spence Bridge, Important Conduit Between Kentucky and Ohio, Reopens

Intelligent Geo-Construction Drilling Equipment: Delivering More Than Meets the Eye
The complexity, risk, and demands of engineered geo-structural projects have increased, seemingly exponentially, through the years. Physical and capital resources to deliver such projects, however, have...

Errata for "Powering Your Electric Vehicle: Affordability Starts with Properly Engineered Geomembrane Liner Systems"

Innovative Lift Bridge to Be Built in Sacramento, California

Arizona Train Derailment and Fire Damage Historical Bridge

FHWA Proposes 10-year Debarment For FIGG Bridge Engineers

S-Shaped Pedestrian Bridge Spans Ohio�s Scioto River

NTSB Issues Florida Pedestrian Bridge Updates

Calendar: Bridges 2020
Featured bridges are: Onaruto Bridge (Naruto, Japan); Vizcaya Bridge (Portugalete, Spain); Veteran Memorial Bridge (Rochester, New York); Shibkalinagar Bridge (Kakdwip, India); Brookdale Bridge (Stowe,...

Driverless Cars May Have Another Benefit

Drones Can Improve Bridge Inspections

Observe, Teach, and Keep Learning
Norman Quach, P.E., S.E., is a senior bridge engineer at T.Y. Lin International in San Francisco. His advice to younger engineers is to never stop learning....

Chief Engineer: Washington Roebling, the Man Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge, By Erica Wagner. New York: Bloomsbury USA, 2017

The Creation of Markets for Ecosystem Services in the United States: The Challenge of Trading Places, By Mattijs van Maasakkers. New York: Anthem Press, 2016

Taxis, Elevated
A new private vehicle transportation service is in the works that will fly passengers across cities at up to 200 mph using electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles....

Bridges: A History of the World�s Most Spectacular Spans, By Judith Dupre. New York City: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, 2017.

Three Revolutions: Steering Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles to a Better Future, By Daniel Sperling. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2018

Not So Fast
Part amphitheater, part bridge, this crossing has space for everyone from book readers to automobile drivers....

Repeated Truck Strikes Lead to Replacement of Century-Old Bridge on Long Island Rail Road





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