The Geology, History and Foundations of the Monuments on the National Mall

Advances in Constructibility for Drilled Foundations: Part II

Guidelines for Forensic Engineering Practice
Sponsored by the Forensic Engineering Practice Committee of the Technical Council on Forensic Engineering of ASCE. This report provides the fundamentals...

Calendar: Bridges 2004
Featured bridges are: Linn Cove Viaduct (NC); Trepponti Bridge (Italy); Blue Water Bridge (Canada); Swing Bridge (England); Albert Bridge (UK); Broadway Bridge (FL); Alsea Bay Bridge (OR);...

Me, Myself and Infrastructure
Private Lives and Public Works in America
Companion guide to the ASCE 150th Anniversary museum exhibit. This book is a consumer's-eye view of infrastructure—the technological networks...

Breakwaters '99
First International Symposium on Monitoring of Breakwaters
The papers present state-of-art methods and technologies that are used in the structural and environmental monitoring of rubble mound breakwaters. Structural monitoring concerns the structural...

Characteristics and Implications of Relict Carbonate Paleoshorelines
Throughout the Florida-Bahamas region, the accumulation of coastal carbonate deposits, excepting the present highstand, appears to be episodic. Back through time these deposits provide...

Calendar: Bridges 2003 Calendar
Featured bridges are: Logan Mills Bridge (PA); Bayonne Bridge (NJ & NY); Puente de Alcántara (Spain); Hayden Bridge (OR); Bridge at Southharbourgate (Netherlands); Hanging Lake...

Evaluation of the CON/SPAN Wingwall System
This evaluation was performed on CON/SPAN Wingwalls, precast concrete end walls for the CON/SPAN Bridge System developed, designed, and supplied by CON/SPAN Bridge System, Inc....

Exploring Unknown Foundation Conditions with Dispersive Wave Technology

Woodrow Wilson Bridge: Soft Ground Challenges in Virginia

BAUMA, the International Equipment Exposition, and U.S. Deep Foundation Practice

Core Bits: Geo-Institute Board Welcomes Two New Governors; 150 Years of American Civil Engineering; GSP 50 Papers; The International Deep Foundations Congress; Call for Papers; Call for Nominations & Elections Committee Members; Earth Science Week Evolves; High-School Students Discover Complex Interactions Among Oceans, Air, and Ice

A Grand New Bridge
Approximately 65 km south of Seoul, rising above the Asan Bay, the Seohae Grand Bridge now stands as the longest bridge in South Korea. The 9.4 km long cable-stayed bridge, which runs...

Finite Element Analysis of RC Beam-Column Bridge Connections

Foundations and Ground Improvement in the Urban Environment

Load Transfer Behavior of Soil-Cement Columns in Soft Ground

Grouting Program Bridges New Building Loads over Unused Railroad Tunnel

The Treatment by Jet Grouting of a Bridge Foundation on Karstic Limestone

Drilled Shafts in the Virginia Piedmont





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