You Say to Brick: The Life of Louis Kahn, By Wendy Lesser. New York City: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2017

Out-of-Plane Seismic Behavior of Brick Masonry Walls of Typical Turn-of-Century North American Residential Buildings

Centrifuge Modelling of Masonry Arch Bridges

Seismic Retrofit, Multnomah County Central Library, Portland, Oregon

Innovative Development of Prestressed Masonry

Testing of Prestressed Clay-Brick Walls

Prestress Loss Due to Creep in Post-Tensioned Clay Masonry

A Finite Element Damage Model for the Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Brick Masonry Shear Walls

Lateral Strength of Brick Cladded Frames

Dynamic Behaviour of Masonry Church Bell Towers

Dynamic Response of Hagia Sophia

Masonry Designers' Guide - A Comprehensive Design Tool

Prestress Loss in Post-tensioned Masonry: Influence of Unit Type

On the representation of masonry creep by rheological analogy

Modeling Creep in Masonry Based on Creep of Units and Mortar

Standard Process Simulation Model for Construction Operations

Sensing and Control for Robotic Masonry
Due to kiln firing in the brick fabrication process, bricks vary in color, texture, and size. In an effort to automate masonry, sensing and control modules are required to ensure a normal...

Construction of Large Lunar Structures by Fusion Welding of Sintered Regolith
Regardless of material used, construction of large lunar structures using indigenous resources is likely to requires joining of simple blocks or pieces. Fusion welding using an optical...

Sintering Bricks on the Moon
Sintering of full-scale 'bricks' from lunar soil simulant materials can be accomplished by radiant heating to 1100°C for approximately 2 hours, followed by slow cooling. Small-scale precompaction...

Dynamic Testing of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Infills
A significant seismic hazard may exist when unreinforced masonry infill panels fall out of their surrounding frames as a result of excessive accelerations applied normal to their plane....





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