A Different Angle (part of "West Side Extraordinary")
The unique, sloping shape of the VIA 57 West building is formed from cast-in-place concrete from the single, partial basement level up to the structure's 34th floor; braced galvanized steel framing completes...

A River Runs through It
The new stadium under construction for the New England Patriots is architecturally and structurally unique, but it is also attracting attention for another reason: the restoration of a...

Cross-Frame and Diaphragm Behavior in Skewed Bridges
The author examines the existing specifications and guidance for bracing provisions by AASHTO, AISC, and TxDot, and the need for developing bracing requirements....

Structural Surgery
Structural engineers had to transform four existing buildings and two new buildings into a new non-profit center for Jewish history. The buildings were of varying ages and had different...

It's All in the Bracing
When the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) hired Weidlinger Associates Inc., Cambridge, Mass., to renovate the Aquarium Station stop along the subway system's...

Top Flange Bracing Systems for Box Girders

Behavior and Design of Laterally Braced Inelastic Columns

Covered Bridge Connection (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
A 145-year-old timber bridge in Downsville, New York, now rests on the longest glue-laminated wood beams ever produced in the United States. Six 53 m (174 ft) long chords were threaded...

Rationalizing the Practice of Strut Preloading for Braced Excavations

Influence of Subsurface Details on Braced Excavations in Puerto Rico

Jet Grouting: New Directions
This article looks at jet grouting in soft soils, especially applications involving pre-installed structural supports for cut and cover excavations. The author offers a question and answer...

Beware of Flying Cranes - and Disconnected Codes

Bracing Conditions Contributing to Structural Failures:Case Studies

Inadequate Temporary Bracing Causes Many Steel Structure Collapses During Erection

Effect of Cross Bracing on Seismic Performance of Steel I-Girder Bridges

Design and Construction of the Tension Braced Dome Roof Marine Midland Arena - Buffalo, New York

Slim Floor Steel-Concrete Composite Systems

Braced for Failure (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
Investigations into the collapse of steel-framed structures often focus on minor, insignificant design flaws, only to ignore the real culprit: inadequate temporary bracing. The collapse...

Construction Safety Affected by Codes and Standards
These five papers present an insight into, and highlights of, some very recent design/construction standardization activities in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Japan and Israel. New performance-type...

Wind-Resistant Tie-Downs for Mobile Homes





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