Suspension Solution
The new bridge across the Carquinez Strait near San Francisco, California, will upgrade an important transportation link across the Sacramento River. This new bridge, which renders the...

Replacing the East Bay Bridge
The seismically vulnerable East Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge will be replaced with a dual eastbound and westbound, 3.6-km-long structure. The cost of the replacement bridge...

Bangkok Blockbuster
When completed, the 54-kilometer Bang Na-Bang Pli-Bang Pakong Expressway in Bangkok, Thailand, will be the longest elevated expressway in the world. The precast segmental method is being...

Shear Strength of HPC I-Girders

Applications of High Performance Concrete to the Prestessed Bridge Girder Industry

Use of CFRP Composites with High Strength Concrete in Bridges

Seismic Retrofit of the Poplar Street Bridge

Measured versus Computed Stresses in a Curved Steel Bridge

Top Flange Bracing Systems for Box Girders

Fatigue Reliability of Steel Girder Bridges

Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Girders Using Magnetic Flux Leakage

Bridge Girder Distribution Factors for Live Load

Composite Bridge Technique in Europe Today

Double-Angle Connections with Slotted Holes in the Supported-Beam-Web-Legs

High Performance Steel (HPS) Demonstration Project: The Ford City Bridge

Negative Bending Tests of High-Performance Steel-485W Bridge Girders

Caltrans Reuses Steel Girders in New Overpass

Girder Study to Unlock Curved Steel Secrets

Comparing Girders

Hiroshima's Short-Distance Transit System: Skyrail





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