System Dynamics and Modified Cumulant Neglect Closure Schemes

An Overview of Techniques for Analyzing a System Modelled as a Duffing Oscillator Driven by Deterministic and Stochastic Excitations

Numerical Methodologies and Turbulent Flow Simulation in Computational Wind Engineering

Simulation of the Flow Field at An Interconnected Riverine System

Unsteady RANS Simulation of Viscous Nonlinear Free Surface Flows

Dynamics and Control of Flexible Robots

Dynamics and Control of Nonholonomically Constrained Systems

Calculations of Unsteady Flows Around Bodies with Relative Motion Using a Chimera RANS Method

Oscillation of Two Neighboring Bubbles Beneath an Indented Free Surface

Finite Difference Methods for Wave Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients

Response Cumulant Equations for Dynamic Systems Under Delta-Correlated Processes

Implementation of Eddy Viscosity Models in a Time-Domain Boussinesq Wave Model

On the Laplace Transform Solution of the Semi-differential Equation of Motion of a Single DOF Oscillator

Computer-Based Wave Equation Analysis of Pile Driveability

The Strain Equation -- Incidence on Buried Steel Pipe Design

Manning's Equation and the Internal Combustion Engine

Flow Resistance: Friction or Energy

Field Data on Parameters of Stochastic Open-Channel Flow

Inertially Favorable Trajectories for Robot Motion in Space
Robot manipulators generally display non-linear coupled dynamic forces which increase with speed. Efficiencies can be achieved by finding trajectories which take advantage of those inertial...

Reliability of Light-Gage Metal Joist Hangers
Limit state design equations are formulated to assess the reliability of light-gage metal joist hangers using the results of experimental studies. The design equations are calibrated against...





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