Conjunctive Use/Sustained Groundwater Yield Design
Assuring the sustained availability of groundwater from all parts of an aquifer system is analagous to assuring that the potentiometric surface does not change over the long term. Such...

Effect of Wetted Perimeter on Infiltration in Furrows
Five empirical infiltration equations were evaluated using data from blocked infiltrometer tests with wetted perimeter values ranging from 28 to 49 cm. The results indicate that the Kostiakov...

Scheduling in Manually Controlled Canal Irrigation Delivery Systems
The effects of canal transients on scheduling water delivery to an irrigated area are described using a linearized form of flow equation obtained from a zero-inertia momentum equation...

Numerical Simulation of Stratified Flows
The two-dimensional width-averaged equations for flow in estuaries or resevoirs are derived, and the basic assumptions are stated. The heat and salt conservation equations are coupled...

Two-Dimensional Flow Visualization Using the Vortex Computer Code
A computer code has been developed to provide visualization of flow fields with regard to many hydraulic engineering design and analysis problems. The finite-difference computer code VORTEX...

Landfill Liner Hydraulics for Microcomputers
Two different models are presented for the study of sloping bottom liners for landfills. The first is based on the assumption that the leachate volume is uniformly distributed over the...

Water Quality Simulation Models for Microcomputers

Integral Equation Solutions to Surface Irrigation

Residual Stresses in Piles and the Wave Equation
A data base of 18 vertical load tests on driven piles in sand is presented. On average the residual point load was 56% of the measured point load and the residual friction load 19% of...

Boundary Element Analysis of Flow in Heterogenous Porous Media
The boundary integral equation method (BIEM) is an efficient numerical method which has been applied to a wide variety of engineering problems governed by a partial differential equation...

Higher-Order Methods for Transient Free-Surface Flows
One-dimensional transient free-surface flows in open channels are described by a set of quasi-linear hyperbolic partial differential equations, called the Saint-Venant equations. Numerical...

Simple Algorithm for Dynamic Optimization of Structure

Integral Equation Methods in Fracture Mechanics

Successive Symmetric Quadratures: A New Approach to the Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations

The Uniformly Valid Asymptotic Solutions for Spherical Thin Shells with Constant Thickness under Edge Loads

Influence of Transverse Shear and Rotatory Inertia on Nonlinear Vibration of Hybrid Composite Plates

Pipe Support Concepts Using Nonlinear Methods

Displacement Formulations of VBPS in 3D Elasticity

Experiments on Internal Solitary Waves

Non-Linear Plane Wave Propagation in Shoaling Shallow Water





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