Improved Method for the Dynamic Response of Bilinear Systems
A procedure is presented to eliminate the error introduced in the step-by-step numerical integration of the equations of motion of hysteretic bilinear systems subjected to earthquake excitations...

Analytical Modelling of the Mean Flow Around Circular Cylinders—A Review

On the Singular Solutions of Stokes and Oseen Equations

Separated Flow Around Bluff Bodies by the Integral Equation Method

Gravity-Current in an Open-Channel Flow and Arrested Buoyant Wedge

Adaptive Grid to Minimize Truncation Error

Numerical Generation of Nearly Orthogonal Boundary-Fitted Coordinate System

Finite Analytic Numerical Solution of Steady Laminar Flow Past Axi-Symmetric Disc-Valves

Optimizing Drain Spacing and Depth Using Steady State Equations
A method is developed for minimizing the total cost of establishing relief drains by choosing appropriate depth and spacing of the drains. Solution graphs are presented for a wide range...

Application of the BEM to Elastodynamics in a Three Dimmensional Half Space
The boundary integral equations (BIEs) are formulated for scattering problems of elastic waves by a cavity or a crack in a three dimensional half space. Two formulations based on the Green's...

Nonlinear Quasi-Static and Transient Response Analysis of Shallow Shells: Formulations and Interior/Boundary Element Algorithms
Nonlinear integral equations are derived for the representation of displacements of shallow shells undergoing moderately large, quasi-static or dynamic deformations. A combined interior/boundary...

A Study on Non-Conforming Boundary Elements in Elastomechanics
This work is a critical study on the performance of non-conforming boundary elements in three-dimensional elastomechanics. The pervasive way of implementing the boundary element method...

Computational Experiments on Taylor Vortex Flow

Numerical Solution of Pulsatile Laminar Flow in Stenotic Vessels

A Variational Approach to Navier-Stokes Equations

Analytical Modeling of Sediment Particle Lift-Up

Vibrations of Submerged Solids in a Vibrating Container
Dynamic forces on a vibrating submerged solid cylinder in both closed and open-top rectangular containers are evaluated. The submerged cylinder is attached to the base of a dynamically-excited...

Vortex Formations Behind a Circular Cylinder

Numerical Simulation Using Boundary-Conforming Coordinate Systems

Comparison of Wave Overtopping Prediction to Measurements from Large-Scale Model Tests
A recent large-scale physical model study was sponsored by Arco Alaska, Inc. , to evaluate slope designs for an Arctic offshore oil drilling island. The drilling island will be located...





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