Earthquake Induced Forces in Piles in Layered Soil Media

Flood Channel Facility: Experiments in Two-Stage Mobile Boundary Channels

Simplified Approach for Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis of Rigid Foundation

Turbulent Scalar Flux Measurements Over Model Bivalves

Conceptual Planning for Rehabilitation of the Boundary Hydroelectric Project

Sand-Box Experiments of Seepage into an Auger Hole in a Confined Aquifer

Fluid Mixing and Boundary Shear Stress in Compound Meandering Channel

Surface Flux Boundary Modeling for Unsaturated Soils

Wave Groups Approaching a Beach: Full Irrotational Flow Computations

Flow Properties of the Swash Zone

Flow Over Vortex Ripples: Models and Experiments

International Collaboration in the Design of Three Boundary Layer Wind Tunnels

Southern Boundary Experimental Forecasts with the NOAA East Coast Ocean Model

Shear Dispersion in the Benthic Boundary Layer

Managing Great Lakes Water Levels: An International Partnership
During this century, the levels of two of the Great Lakes have been regulated; Lake Superior since 1921 and Lake Ontario since 1960. The regulation is directed by the International Joint...

Simulation of Regional Ground-Water Flow on a Transboundary Flowline; Trans-Pecos, Texas and Chihuahua, Mexico
A two-dimensional, steady-state, cross-sectional model was used to evaluate boundary conditions, residence times, and potential transboundary movement along a 28 mi (45 km) flowline between...

Mexican Border Ground Water Agreement
This paper provides a discussion about the challenges in developing a Mexican Botder Ground Water Agreement for the management of shallow ground waters that connect to the surface water...

Role of Vegetation in Hydraulics of Channel Restoration
Boundary layer theory is used to develop a backwater model for flows through vegetated waterways which can be employed to approximately estimate flow depth variation in channel restoration...

Managing Transboundary Water Sharing
The administrative and institutionul provisions of a transboundary water sharing agreement are critical to successful achievement of the agreement's objectives. In the United...

Water Allocation on US/Mexico Boundaries
This paper provides a transboundary water sharing case study on the planning and management of Rio Grande waters in and around El Paso, Texas. The presentation also points out the diversity...





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