International Water Quality Standards Along the US-Mexico Border: A Progress Report

Sharing Transboundary Water Resources A Review of Standards

Abutment Erosion Control System at Boundary Dam

Propagation of Upstream Control Measures Along a Canal Pool

Boundary Element Computations of Transient 3D Shallow Water Circulation

Comparison of the Stochastic Nature of Stress at a Pipe and an Impinging Jet Boundary

Flow Forecasting under Uncertainties

Sediment Particle Motions in the Wall Region of a Turbulent Boundary Layer

Comprehensive Network Analysis with Time Decoupled Boundary Conditions

Comparison Study Between the Different Numerical Techniques for Evaluation Seepage Flow

Management of Water Resources in North America III Anticipating the 21st Century, September 4-8, 1993, Tucson, Arizona: Canada-United States Boundary Waters Management Arrangements

Soil Barrier Layers Versus Geosynthetic Barriers in Landfill Cover Systems

Landfill Final Covers: A Review of California Practice

Management of Water Resources in North America III
Anticipating the 21st Century
This proceedings, Management of Water Resources in North America III, contains fourteen of the papers presented and discussed at the Third...

Thermal Stresses in Piezoelectric Materials: A Boundary Integral Formulation
With the increasing use of piezoelectric materials in electromechanical devices which are often required to function in thermally hostile environment, thermal stresses and their influence...

Convergence Rates of the Method of Successive Elastic Solutions in Thermoplastic Problems of a Layered Concentric Cylinder
This paper examines convergence rates of the method of successive elastic solutions, proposed by Mendelson, in determining the thermoplastic response of an arbitrarily layered concentric...

Numerical Simulation of Site Effects
Numerical simulations have proved to be very powerful tool in the analysis and study of site effects. Numerical models may be used (i) to study the pattern of shaking during a particular...

Constitutive Model for Viscoelastic-Fluid Dampers

SQP Methods for Inverse Airfoil Design
We consider inverse design problems of systems governed by suitable discretizations of a boundary value problem (BVP). We present and examine a Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP) method...

Nowcast System Development for the Straits of Florida
As part of the inaugural program for the Ocean Pollution Research Center at the University of Miami, a nowcast system is being developed for the Straits of Florida. The nowcast system...





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