Dynamic Interaction Between Embedded Foundations by the Substructure Deletion Method

Normal Modes of a Poroelastic Soil Layer on a Rigid Bed Rock

Further Application of Dynamic Poroelasticity to Geotechnical Engineering Via BEM

Surface Response of a Cracked Layered Half-space Subjected to an Antiplane Impact

Earthquake Response of Gravity Dams Including Effects of Porous Sediments

Flexible Boundary for Discrete Element Simulation of Granular Assemblies

On the Numerical Treatment of Vorticity Diffusion from a Boundary Element in the Discrete Vortex Element Method

Dynamic Response Analysis of High Arch Dam-Water-Foundation System

Peculiarities of the Mode Shapes of Two-Dimensional Spinning Bodies

The Boundary Integral Equation Method for Plates

Energy Transfer Rates in Unsteady Plane Mixing Layers

Experimental Investigation of the Temporal Intermittency in the Transition to Turbulence of a Plane Mixing Layer

Two Classical Elasticity Problems Revisited by a Quasi-static Poroelastic BEM Implementation

Coastal Dynamics '95
Demands to both utilize and preserve the beaches of the world require improved understanding of the underlying dynamics of the coast, as well as better modeling capabilities. To these...

Determining Rehabilitated Sewer Flow Capacity

Evaluation of Flow Resistance in Ice-Covered Channels

Experimental Study of One-Dimensional Immiscible Fluid Drainage in Layered Sands

Application of Boundary Element Method to Structural Damage Assessment

A Hybrid Numerical Technique for Simulation of Wind Flow Around Bluff Bodies

Conveyance Distribution to Define Flow Boundaries at Culverts





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