Properties of Lightweight Flowable Concrete Fill

Boston Harbor Project: Construction Logistics

Lessons From Kobe
On Jan. 17, Kobe, Japan became the first post-World War II, heavily populated, industrialized area to bear the full brunt of a high-magnitude earthquake. Engineers hope the resulting destruction...

Water Resources Planning for the 20th Century

Planning and Design of the MetroWest Water Supply Tunnel for the Boston Region

Leaking Plumbing Fixtures and Water Conservation

Living Within Our Means: A Successful Demand-side Water Resources Plan for Boston

Piggyback Tunnels
Coincidental alignments of the Central Artery Tunnel and the Transitway subway line under the streets of Dewey Square in Boston presented the sponsoring agencies with a rare opportunity...

Case Study: Design Considerations for the St. James Avenue Sewer Restoration in Boston

Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Boston: Mitigation Does Work

Partnering: An Innovation to Improved Infrastructure

Planning for Water Treatment for the Boston Region

A Test Program to Verify Grouting Effectiveness for Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project

Marine Construction of the Boston Outfall

Boston's Regional Water Supply in 2020

To Filter or Not To Filter: Boston's Two Track Approach to Compliance With the SDWA

Role of BASE

Design of the Boston Harbor 15.3 KM Ocean Outfall Tunnel

Central Artery/Tunnel Project Environmental Permitting of Marine Facilities

Analysis of Central Artery Tunnel Slurry Walls





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