Geophysical Methods for Environmental Assessment

Tunnel Boring Machine for Nuclear Waste Repository Research Project

Multi-Barrier Borehole Canister Designs for a Tuff Repository

Excavation Damage and Organic Growth in a 1.2m Diameter Borehole

Results of Prototype Borehole Instrumentation at the Hydrologic Research Facility, Area 25, NTS

Design and Performance of a Piled Raft Foundation
The foundation system for a recently constructed building in Perth, Western Australia, consisted of combined pile groups and raft elements, with a total of 280 bored piles incorporated...

A Borehole Instrumentation Program for Characterization of Unsaturated-Zone Percolation

Results of Air-Permeability Testing in a Vertical Borehole at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Borehole Fluid Dynamic Temperature Logging to Evaluate Fracture Hydraulic Properties

A Tunnel Boring System for the Yucca Mountain Project

A Gas Sampling System for Withdrawing Humid Gases From Deep Boreholes

Saturation Levels and Trends in the Unsaturated Zone, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Applications of Multi-mode Imaging to Multiple Offset VSP Data

Integrated Geology and Preliminary Cross Section Along the North Ramp of the Exploratory Studies Facility, Yucca Mountain

Characterization of a Desert Soil Sequence at Yucca Mountian, NV

The Results of Near-Field Thermal and Mechanical Calculations of Thermal Loading Schemes
Two waste emplacement schemes, borehole and in-drift, are under evaluation as potential repository drift geometries for the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project. Calculations were...

Trenchless Diversity Fuels Growth of Construction Activities
This paper describes a variety of trenchless technology methods of reconstructing America's decaying pipeline infrastructure by using minimum and /or 'no-dig processes'. The decay of our...

Connection of Grouted Tubular Insert Piles to Soil
Force transfer between offshore production jackets and tubular piles is effected by weld bead shear connectors, acting within the grout filled annulus between the piles and pile sleeves...

Estimation of Water-Filled and Air-Filled Porosity in the Unsaturated Zone, Yucca Mountain, Nevada
The responses of density and dielectric logs are formulated in terms if the matrix properties, air-filled porosity and water-filled porosity. Porosity values obtained from logs from borehole...

Carbon Isotopic Data from Test Hole USW UZ-1, Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Rock-CO2-gas analyses in test hole USW UZ-1 at Yucca Mountain indicate that gas movement in the unsaturated zone is likely through a dry-fracture...





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