Measurement of the Undrained Pore Pressure Response of a Shale in Triaxial Tests

Just One More Boring, and We'll Know for Sure!

Analysis of Air Permeability Tests at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Localized Alteration of the Paintbrush Nonwelded Hydrologic Unit within the Exploratory Studies Facility

Release Rates of Radionuclides through a Porous Material-Filled Borehole in a Radioactive Waste Repository

Analytical Study and Verification of a Coupled Theory of Mixtures for Application in Cone Penetration and Tunnel Boring in Soils

Westbay/MOSDAX Instrumentation of UE-25 ONC #1 and USW NRG-4 at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Design and Construction of Large Diameter High Pressure Gas Transmission River Crossing for San Diego Gas and Electric Using Directional Boring

Generalized Plane Strain Finite Element Analysis: Geomechanical Applications

Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar to a Site Investigation Involving Shallow Faults

System Safety Analysis of the Yucca Mountain Tunnel Boring Machine

Borehole Recharge - A Drought Management Strategy in N. London, UK

Artificial Recharge to Israel's Carbonate Aquifer

Borehole Injection Studies in Deccan Trap Basalts Near Nagpur

Aquifer Testing and Characterization at the Proposed Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Site Hudspeth County, Texas

A Comparison of Pile Design Methods Using Model Factors

TBM Tunnel Friction Values for the Grizzly Powerhouse Project

Automated Test Boring Data Collection & Reporting

Paleohydrological Mixing Portions in One Deep Borehole at The Swedish Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Point Loma Tunnel Outfall





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