Bored Pile Groups under Vertical Load in Sand
The results of field tests of bored underreamed pile groups under sustained vertical loads are presented, along with an empirical approach for estimating group efficiencies and load-displacement...

Borehole Shear Test for Stiff Soil
The Iowa Borehole Shear Test (BST) is a rapid, direct shear test performed on the walls of borehole in soil. The test measures in-situ soil shear strength by failing the soil along the...

Influence of Borehole Imperfections on Pressuremeter
A pressuremeter is a device that applies a radical pressure to the walls of a borehole. Its use in determining the in-situ shear modulus has recently become the object of considerable...

Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Pile Foundations
Conventional bearing capacity of driven and bored piles in sand and nonplastic silt is limited to short piles above the critical depth of penetration. The bearing capacity of longer piles...

Lateral Earth Pressure at Rest in Soft Clay
The lateral earth pressure at rest in a soft cohesive soil as determined by five different methods at Backebol, Sweden is compared and analyzed. The agreement between the results using...

Ground-Water Pollution Near a Landfill
Evaluation of existing landfills, particularly those with the potential to affect public water supplies is a necessary but often time-consuming task. A study is described in which sampling...

Closure: Borehole Shear Device

Further Insights on the Self-Boring Technique Developed in France

Importance of Groove Spacing in Tunnel Boring Machine Operations
One of the more important and yet easily modified parameters in the performance of tunnel boring machines is the spacing between two neighboring grooves created by the travel of the cutters....

The CSM Cell — a Borehole Device for Determining the Modulus of Rigidity of Rock

Analysis of Variance Applied to Data Obtained by Means of a Six-Element Borehole Deformation Gauge for Stress Determination

A Study of Rock Properties and Tunnel Boring Machine Advance Rates in Two Mica Schist Formations

Fracture Evaluation with Acoustic Log in Dry Boreholes

Discussion: Borehole Shear Device

Discussion: Borehole Shear Device

Fifty-Year Highlights of Tunneling Equipment
The advancement in tunnel equipment in the past 50 yr has been dramatized by the reentry and increasing advance rates made by Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM). This paper stresses the advances...

Borehole Shear Device

Self-Boring Placement Method of Soil Characteristics Measurements

Behavior of Bored Piles in Sand
The paper presents the results of load tests on instrumented bored piles. Field measurements of load transfer in sand were made and design criteria are suggested for computing the tip...

Recommended Borehole Investigation System for Soft Ground





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