Effects of Solute Transport Processes on In-Situ Denitrification for Nitrate Control in Ground Water
This paper discusses the effects of solute transport mechanisms on the effectiveness of biodenitrification in the subsurface environment. The only solute transport processes apparently...

Biodiversity in Riparian Communities and Watershed Management
Riparian communities are demonstrated to be regional centers of biodiversity and biomass. Examples are taken primarily from bird and lizard communities in the Southwest, since these vertebrates...

Dynamic Modeling of Multi-Species Anaerobic Biofilms Grown on Granular Activated Carbon

2,4-Dinitrophenol Degradation and Sludge Floc Size

Charleston Harbor's Living Resources: A Review of Conditions Following Rediversion

A Screening-Level Approach to Estimating Natural Resource Damages from Contaminated Marine Sediments

Impacts of SO2 on Spartina Alterniflora

Root Zone Salinity Control—Leaching Fraction, Spatial Variability
This paper gives an overview of three chapters that are contained in a new ASCE manual called Agricultural Salinity Assessment and Management Manual. Chapter 9 is entitled Field Sampling...

The Economic Feasibility of Using Ethanol to Accelerate Groundwater Denitrification
A substantial buildup of nitrate in the groundwater of the eastern Sandhills region of Nebraska is projected by some planners. A groundwater carbon source such as ethanol promotes denitrification,...

Hawaii's Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies

Low Energy Mixing in Algal Culture Raceways

Potential of Biogas in Developing Countries

Technology Assessment for Hydrogen from Renewable Energy
This paper is a preliminary report on an assessment of technologies for hydrogen production from renewable resources, and an investigation of the problems and issues involved in assimilating...

Beneficial Use of Municipal Sewage in the Ocean
When sewage sludges and effluents are introduced in a properly controlled manner, they can be of benefit to large areas of the ocean. For example, benthic biomass and growth rates of commercially-valuable...

Substrate Inhibition and Control for High Rate Biogas Production

Biogas Utilization for Power Generation

Integrated Small Hydro Energy Development
Small hydro power development integrated with other renewable energy sources is economical. Civil engineering components if suitably selected and designed reduce power development costs...

Reagan's Lopsided Energy R&D Policy: Peril to U.S. Security?
The Reagan Administration has made (or proposed) some major shifts in the country's energy policy. It believes the federal energy research and development program should be...

Calibration and Verification of the Potomac Eutrophication Model

Energy in the Man-Built Environment
Proceedings of the Specialty Conference on Energy in the Man-Built Environment, held at the Lodge at Vail, Vail, Colorado, August 3-5, 1981. Sponsored by the Urban Planning Development...





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