Cyanide Degradation in a Pilot Scale SBBR

Process Configuration Role in Anaerobic Biotransformations

Biogenic Sediment Stabilization

Simulation of Perilithic Algae as a Biofilm and Its Interaction with the Water Column
A one-dimensional bioflim model has been constructed consisting of a particulate phase of algae and inert material and diffusive transport of nutrients and oxygen. Also included is mass...

Biofilm Barriers: A New Concept for Waste Containment

Water Contamination: A Lesson Learned

Microbial Biofilm Communities in Biological Activated Carbon Fluidized Bed Reactors for Treatment of Groundwater Contaminated with Aromatic Hydrocarbons

An Evaluation of Chemical Oxidizers for Algae Control in Hydroelectric Canals

Plant Surface Area and Wetland Treatment Efficiency

Reductive Electrolytic Dechlorination

Modeling of a Compost Biofilter Incorporating Microbial Growth

Biofilm Sorption of Natural Organic Material
The biosorption of non-ozonated and ozonated natural organic matter (NOM) onto a dense biofilm was investigated at the University of Colorado Environmental Engineering laboratories. Bench-scale...

Effect of Roughness and Thickness of Biofilms on External Mass Transfer Resistance
The effect of roughness and thickness of biofilms on the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration boundary layer thickness (DO CBLT) and the external mass transfer process in a biofilm system...

Biotransformation of Pesticides in Simulated Groundwater Columns
Experiments were performed to investigate the biotransformation of the pesticides alachlor, propachlor, atrazine, and bromacil under aerobic and nitrate-reducing conditions. Glass bead...

Analysis of Biomass Distribution and Chemical Interactions in Nitrifying Biofilms
Steady-state models of nitrifying biofilms are developed taking into account the mass transfer of neutral and ionic species, electroneutrality, pH-dependent Monod kinetics, chemical equilibrium,...

Effect of Hydraulic Characteristics on the Biofilm Development and Performacne of Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Reactors

Influence of Hydrodynamics on Biofilm Accumulation
The influence of hydrodynamics on biofilm thickness was investigated under laminar and turbulent flow conditions. The maximum biofilm thickness was found within the transition region between...

Biofilm Surface Positioning

Biodegradation Kinetics of Ozonated Natural Organic Matter on Granular Activated Carbon

O2 Limitations in CH4 and NH4+ Utilizing Biofilms





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