What Part of Nollan Didn't They Understand?
This presentation concerns litigation presently pending between the County of Santa Barbara and the owners of a home on the beach in Santa Barbara County. The lawsuit commenced in November...

Crowning Achievement
The $800 million Sony Center built in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin is divided into seven structures which are all literally brought together under one roof. The fabric and glass roof, which...

Effect of Access Management on the Design of Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Creating Livable Street Design Guidelines for Metro's 2040 Growth Concept and Regional Transportation Plan

The Potential for Non-Motorized Transport in Metro Manila

An Equilibrium Assignment Model for Mixed Traffic Network

Assessing the Bicycle Compatibility of Roadways

Cyclists' Perception of Risk in a Virtual Environment: Effects of Lane Conditions, Traffic Speed, and Traffic Volume

Bicycle and Motor Vehicle Operations on Wide Curb Lanes, Bicycle Lanes, and Paved Shoulders

Proposed Revisions to Highway Capacity Manual Chapter 9 Pedestrian and Bicycle Analysis Procedures

Using GIS for Bicycle Planning

The State's Role in Bicycle Transportation Planning and Engineering

Development of Nonmotorized Transportation Engineering Course for Colleges and Universities

Federal Policy and Programs of the U.S. Department of Transportation with Regard to Human Powered Transportation

Roadway Planning for Bicycles: What Every Transportation Engineer Should Know

Bicycle Test Route Evaluation for Urban Road Conditions

Measuring the Bicyclist Stress Level of Streets

The City of Davis Experience--What Works

Bike Lanes versus Wide Curb Lanes: Applications and Observations

Regular Adult Bicyclists in Washington State





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