NCEES Annual Meeting Marks 'Sea Change' in Momentum for Education beyond Baccalaureate

The Rising Sea by Orrin H. Pilkey and Rob Young. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2009.

NewsBriefs: New Corps of Engineers' Policy Considers Rising Sea Levels

NewsBriefs: Researchers Follow Dust Storms Occurring at Sea (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Risk Analysis: U.S. Ports among Those Deemed Most Vulnerable to Rising Sea Levels

NewsBriefs: Red Sea Bridge Considered

The Slow Drift Oscillations of a Moored Object in Random Seas

NewsBriefs: Sea Levels May Rise Higher Than Previously Forecast (British Broadcasting Company)

NewsBriefs: Southern Oceans Unable to Absorb Carbon Dioxide (Associated Press)

NewsBriefs: CNN Reports Global Warming Will Increase Sea Level by One Meter (

Corebits: Allied Organizations � ADSC Awards Twelve Civil Engineering Graduate Study Scholarship; American Geological Institute (AGI) News; GSI Announces Waste Containment Systems Certification; The 59th Canadian Geotechnical Conference and the 7th Joint CGS/IAH-CNC Groundwater Specialty Conference Sea to Sky Geotechniqu 2006; 13th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering

NewsBriefs: Plan Proposed for Storing Gas in the Seabed (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Will the Decline of the California Sea Otter Impact Coastal and Ocean Policy?

Hydro-Ecological Modeling of Low Gradient Coastal Watersheds

NewsBriefs: Seawall Protects City From Tsunami (BBC News)

NewsBriefs: Scientists Suggest Warmer Oceans May Be Killing Marine Life (The Seattle Times)

Book Review: Changing Sea Levels: Effects of Tides, Weather and Climate by David Pugh. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004

Water Resources: Infrastructure Improvements to Restore Shrinking Sea

Sea Change
Desalinated seawater�considered a novelty by the United States water treatment community just five years ago�is rapidly becoming a viable water resource in this country....

Water Resources: Supreme Court Ends Long-Standing East Coast Water Dispute





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