Marine Protected Areas and the Red Urchin Fishery

Parametric Modeling of Storm Wave Fields Over the Irish Sea, 1955-1993

Coastal Links–Partnerships for Watershed and Marine Protection

Field Study on Wave Climate in Wadden Seas and in Estuaries

A Response Based Method for Developing Joint Metocean Criteria for Seabed Pipeline Design

Influence of Local Productivity and Recruitment Patterns on Design of Reserves, the California Red Sea Urchin Population as an Example

The Southern California Marine Institute (SCMI)-a Recently Formed Consortium of Southern California Universities

Coastal Zone Management & Point Source Monitoring: Direction for the Future

Cyclopean Seawall Repair and Berth Deepening 10th Avenue Marine Terminal, San Diego, California

Propagation Property of Dynamic Pressure Through Reclaimed Sand Behind Caisson-Type Seawalls

Rehabilitation of a Damaged Reinforced Concrete Bridge in a Marine Environment

Practical Application of Cathodic Protection Systems for Reinforcing Steel Substructures in Marine Environment

Water Quality Monitoring in Urban Territories

Ocean Wave Attenuation due to Ice Floe Collisions

Sea Waves Power Converter

Edge Wave Excitation by Random Sea Waves

The Caspian Sea Storm Surge Coastal Protection

The Threat of Flooding and the Problem of Protection of Territories in the Delta of the Ural River in View of the Rising of the Caspian Sea Level

Challenges in Modelling Water Quality in Lakes, Estuaries and Coastal Oceans

Field Monitoring and Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Salton Sea, CA





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