Strategies for Creating a Comprehensive, Integrated Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Network

Effectiveness of Marine Life Refuges on Southern California Shores

The Santa Barbara Channel-Santa Maria Basin Circulation Study

The Surface Circulation in the Santa Barbara Channel Observed with Drifters and Current Meters

Will Global Change Affect Planktonic Productivity?

Review of California's Marine Bacterial Standards

Southern California Educational Initiative and Coastal Marine Institute: Long-term Environmental, Social and Economic Consequences of Offshore Oil and Gas Production

Support for Coastal Watershed Activities Using the CERES Watershed Information Technical System

Citizen Water Quality Monitoring and Education

Interim Pier 400 Landfill Status Report

Numerical Modeling of Marine Environmental Changes for the Basic Design of Yongil New Harbor

Design of a Perforated Breakwater

A Vessel Traffic Simulation Model for the North Sea Channel Area

Ice Expansion

Coastal Watershed Policy and Management in California: Notes on the Development of Cooperative Strategies

Patterns in the Water: Patterns in the Sand?

Joint Agency Cooperation to Ensure Safety and Protection of the Environment Through Pipeline Inspections

An Analysis of the Importance of Allee Effects in Management of Red Sea Urchins: Differences Between Oregon/Washington and Southern California

Wind and Wave Climate of the Black Sea: Progress of the NATO TU-WAVES Project

The Armoring of California's Coast





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