World Fisheries and California Fisheries Management

The Development of an Australian National Oceans Policy

Developing Integrated Access to Contemporary Aerial Photography and Water Quality-Related Data for a Portion of the Elkhorn Slough and Vicinity, North Monterey County

The Potential of Marine Reserves to Enhance Fisheries

In Search of a Sea Urchin Fishery Management Framework: The Case of California Red Sea Urchin (RSU) Fishery Development, 1985-1996

A Proposed Method for Red Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus) Resource Assessment in California

The Role of Divers' Associations in the Development and Stewardship of the California Sea Urchin Fishery

Learning to Cooperate: Joining Science and Policy for Ecosystems Governance

A Systems Approach to Enhancing Resource Utilization in the Coastal Zone

Adopt-A-Beach: A Model for Marine Debris Education

Coastal Process Cyclicity

Fight Against Erosion of the Caucasus Coast

Managing the Oceans: Into the Murky Waters of Jurisdiction

America's Unmanaged Territories: Its Extended Territorial Sea and it's Exclusive Economic Zone

Southern California Coastal Wetlands Inventory: Centralizing Existing Information

Building Alliances to Save Coastal Waters

Bridging the Gap Between Science and the Public Interest

The Need for New Coastal Legislation

Public and Private Rights Where the Land Meets the Sea

Installation of a Seafloor Earthquake Monitoring System





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