Fracture Grouting with Bentonite Slurries

Properties of Cement Grouts and Grouted Sands with Additives

Effects of Mixing on Rheological Properties of Microfine Cement Grout

Rheological Properties of Microfine Cement Grouts with Additives

Use of Cement-Bentonite for Cutoff Wall Construction

Selection and Laboratory Evaluation of Modifying Additives for Soil-Cement-Bentonite

Seepage Control in Kaolinite Clay with Simulated Cracks

Hazardous Waste Containment with a Bentonite Cutoff Wall

Use of a Method Specification For In Situ Compaction of Clay-Based Barrier Materials

Diffusion of Radionuclides in Compacted Bentonite

Hydraulic Conductivity of Landfill Liners Containing Benzyltriethylammonium-Bentonite

Stabilized Fly Ash Cover for a Municipal Waste Landfill
The study reported herein and several recently related projects have been aimed at reducing the hydraulic conductivity of fly ash and physiochemically fixing any potential leachable metals....

Modelling of Hydro-Thermo-Mechanical Effects in a Fracture Intersecting a Nuclear Waste Deposition Hole
The groundwater flow in a vertical fracture intersecting a hypothetical nuclear waste deposition hole was examined. After excavation and emplacement of the nuclear waste canister, the...

Microwave Measurements of the Water Content of Bentonite
The theory of operation of microwave coaxial resonators is described. Sample preparation and the application of resonator techniques to the measurement of the permittivity (dielectric...

CALIBRE and CRYSTAL: Near-field and Geosphere Models for Project-90
A new near-field model (CALIBRE) and a fractured geosphere model (CRYSTAL) have been developed in support of the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate's Project-90 safety assessment...

Modelling of Excavation, Thermal Loading and Bentonite Swelling Pressure for a Waste Repository
For the performance assessment of a future nuclear waste repository, the excavation of the tunnel and deposition hole, thermal loading from waste heat release and the swelling pressure...

Apparent and Simple Diffusion Coefficients in Compacted Bentonite
Diffusion coefficients were experimentally determined in bentonite to evaluate the effectiveness of bentonite layers as a diffusion barrier to ionic transport away from high-level radioactive...

An Analysis of Buffering in Bentonite-Groundwater Systems
Chemical buffering by bentonite can potentially simplify assessments of the performance of engineered barriers to radionuclide migration by decoupling near-field and far-field geochemical...

Yield Stress and Flow of Bentonite in Mixture Sealants

Influence of Moisture Influx on the Hygro-thermal Performance of a Clay Buffer Developed for Nuclear Disposal Vault
This paper focusses on an experimental study that investigates the heat transfer and moisture movement within a bentonite clay buffer compacted in a borehole located in a granite block....





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