Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Bridges

Use of Economic Optimization to Assess the Value of Water Marketing
(No paper) There is an increasing interest and implementation of water markets as an allocation mechanism for water in the Western U.S. However, the importance of the timing and location...

Optimization of the Aquifer Remediation Costs and Design with Pulsed Pumping
(No paper) Pump-and-treat is a common technique for the remediation of contaminated aquifers. However, slow kinetic mass transfer at sites contaminated with organic compounds may reduce...

Sensitivity of Stormwater Conveyance System Cost to Design Recurrence Interval
(No paper) The cost of a piped and/or swaled stormwater system is determined principally by the storm recurrence interval (e.g., 5-year design storm) used to design it. That is, the present...

Determination of Flood Frequency as a Function of Mitigation Expenditure
(No paper) This paper describes an approach to the determination of flood frequency as a function of moneys that could be spent to address a road flooding problem caused by runoff from...

Seismic Fragility Curve Theory for Highway Bridges

Improving the Seismic Resistance of Steel Tanks: Technical and Cost Implications

Integrating Transportation and Economic Models

Electric System Seismic Mitigation

Low-Cost Ice Control Structures for Small Rivers

Cost Modeling and Optimization Considerations for Low Pressure Membrane Filtration Systems

Seismic Risk Reduction Planning for Ports Lifelines

Selection of an Optimal Ecosystem Restoration Plan: Decision-Making Criteria in the Planning Process
(No paper) This paper explores various decision criteria for restoration projects and how they may be modeled with existing decision models. Cost-effectiveness, incremental cost analyses,...

Risk Assessment Methods for Environmental Accounting

Economic factors of Floods, Scour, and Bridge Failures

The Cost of Highway Bridge Scour in the State of Minnesota

Halting Corrosion Using Electrochemical Methods

The Best Concrete for Your Project

Design Considerations for Coastal Zone Exposed to Hurricane-Induced Wave Action

Testing and Evaluation of a Concrete Sandwich Panel System





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