Intergranular Void Ratio - Steady State Strength Relations for Silty Sands

Water Resources and Environment
This proceedings, Coordination: Water Resources and Environment, consists of papers presented at ASCE's 25th Annual Conference...

Getting the GISt of Costs
Over the past five years, geographic information systems (GIS) have become powerful graphical database tools, useful to everyone from city planners to departments of transportation, from...

The Successful Design of a Large Diameter Gravity Sewer

Sacramento County Northwest Interceptor: Effective Planning Ensures Project Success and Saves Money

Value Engineering Savings on Pipeline Project

Pipeline Planning and Design: City of San Diego Water Department CIP

Designing and Building a Major Transmission Main through a Constructed Environment, The North County Distribution Pipeline

Miami Beach Infiltration/Inflow Reduction Program: A Project That Pays for Itself

End-Run Scheduling to Beat Cold Weather Costs

Utilization of 3-D Graphical Simulation with Object-Oriented Product Model for Building Construction Process

Cost and Risk Analyses in Building Systems

An Integrated Database Management Approach for Estimating Bridge MR&R Costs from Project Data

Computer-Aided Project Control Approach Based on Risk Analysis

Practical Applications of Probabilistic Estimating in Schematic Designs

Implementation of Automated Site Data Collection with a Medium-Sized Contractor

Three P's of Mega Project Control: Past, Present and Planned

A Computer Model for Markup-Size Selection Using Fuzzy Set Theory

A Multiple-Objective Model Based on the Network Optimization System

An Analysis of the Success of RBCA in Tennessee UST Site Management





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