Shifting Baselines and the Problem of Reduced Expectations in Nearshore Fisheries

Standard for Testing of Ground-Water Modeling Codes

A Benchmark Study of World Wide Web Communications

Benchmark Problems in Structural Control Part I: Active Mass Driver System

Synthesis of Controllers for the Active Mass Driver System in the Presence of Uncertainty

Application of Sliding Mode Control to a Benchmark Problem

H∞ Static and Dynamic Output Feedback Control of the AMD Benchmark Problem

Covariance Control Using Closed Loop Modeling for Structures

A New Look at Old Man River
After the 1993 Midwest flood, a research team conducted one of the largest aerial mapping projects in U.S. history—a year-long, $3.7 million effort that demonstrates the utility of photogrammetry...

United States Department of Energy Lessons Learned Program

The Impact of the National Housing Quality Award Program and the Benchmark Conferences on the Homebuilding Industry

Quantitative Benchmarking of Project Management (PM) Processes

Commitment to Quality: Part of a National Agenda

Guidelines and Benchmarks for Analysis of Isolated Buildings

Modified Jar Test Studies for Removal of Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) and Color Compounds from Groundwater
A bench scale study using a modified jar test apparatus was conducted which assessed the effectiveness of ferric chloride and aluminum chlorohydrate (AC) for the simultaneous removal of...

Benchmarking of a Total-System Performance Assessment Model for WIPP

Parametric Thermal Evaluations of Waste Package Emplacement

Glacier-Generated Floods and Debris Flows
Sudden release of glacially impounded water causes catastrophic floods, known as outburst floods, and ocasionally spawn debris flows that pose significant hazards in mountainous areas....

Dry Fuel Storage Cask Shielding Benchmarks

The Magnificent 17
Only two of 1995's record 19 nominees could win the 1995 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award and the Award of Merit, but the 17 remaining nominees are noteworthy...





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