Debris-Flow Initiation by Channel-Bed Failure

Kinetic Analysis on the Deceleration and Deposition Processes of Viscous Debris Flows

Critical Conditions for Debris Flows

An Engineer's Perspective of the New Advances in Residential Steel Framing Technology

Monitoring Results of a Nearshore Disposal Berm

Boundary Layer Theory and Field Bedload

Shear Stresses and Hydrodynamics of Combined Waves and Currents

Settling and Erosion Characteristics of Mud/Sand Mixtures

Design of a Laboratory Facility for Longshore Sediment Transport Research

Neural Network Control for Accurate Rebar Bending

Optimal Fitting of a Model to Observations of Sediment Concentration in the Irish Sea

Sediment Transport Mechanism Over Rippled Sand Beds

Depth-Averaged Equations for Free Surface Flows
Depth-Averaged equations for free surface flow are derived by applying fundamental physical principles of mass conservation, momentum and moment of momentum on a control volume from the...

Santa Clara River Fluvial Analysis
The Santa Clara River watershed, located in Los Angeles County, has been subject to rapid increases in population and urban development, resulting in channelization, new bridges, and increased...

Manning's Roughness Coefficient for Coarse-Bed Channels With High In-Bank Flows

Potential Flow Instability Theory and Bed Forms
An extended, generalised version of two-dimensional linearised potential flow theory of fully unsteady fluid flow-sediment bed interaction is presented. In contrast to previous potential...

Rational Design and Operation of Packed Bed Adsorption Reactors
Design of packed bed adsorption reactors is based presently upon the parameter empty bed contact time (EBCT), a fallacious concept. The column wave front behavior, instead, should be the...

Fluidized Bed Denitrification of Secondary Effluent during Wastewater Reclamation in Southern California
A pilot scale fluidized bed denitrification bioreactor was operated for a period of three years as one unit process in a series designed to repurify secondary effluent for subsequent indirect...

Estimation of Bed Material Transport Capacity
A procedure is presented which combines several computational components for the estimation of bed material transport capacity in alluvial channels. Bed load transport is estimated through...

Scour Study for Bridge Design on Temecula Creek
Channel-bed scour was studiedfor the proposed new Pala Road Bridge on Temecula Creek in Riverside County, California. In order to determine the general scour, sediment transport and potential...





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